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Eyebrow Treatment


Alexandria, Virginia

Now Accepting Students! 

2 Day Microblading Training & Certification Course for $1500

Microblading is in heavy demand and with becoming a Microblading Specialist you could make $500 per client and with just 4-5 clients a week you could make upwards of 80k or more a year!

Our fundamental Microblading Training and Certification Course is designed to transform a brand-new student into a knowledgeable and skilled Microblading Technician. Students who take this course will graduate with the understanding and confidence in performing Microblading (hair-like strokes) eyebrows.

So get started on your microblading training with us in at our newest location in Alexandria, Virginia today!

Our Microblading Instructor, Lucy, has completed hundreds of successful Microblading procedures and will provide you with everything you need to know. Our microblading classes have produced microblading artists that have gone to do excellent microblading work and making a career out of it.

Includes: Full Microblading Kit (valued over $200)

We provide all the Tools and everything you need for the classroom, on-going practice and to start on your own. Our kit which is provided at no extra cost consists of:  Microblading Tool, multiple blades, practice ink and multiple ink to use on your clientele, numbing cream, measuring tools, comprehensive training manual and much more!

BONUS! At no Additional Cost, we cover Shading and Ombre Brows within the course as well BONUS!

Overview of Microblading Course

Sterilization and Sanitation

·  Avoiding cross-contamination

·  Proper cleaning, disinfecting

·  Sterilization requirements

·  Proper disposal of sharps container and bio-hazard waste



·  Client profile-analyze character traits and client selection, discussion of client expectations

·  Photography

Medical History/Client Information Form

Identify Potential Problems for Microblading 

·  Determine when a physician review is advised

·  Obtaining medical clearance

Consent Forms

·  Liability Issues

·  Model Release

Office Set-up

·  General equipment, treatment room, necessary supplies

Health Requirements

·  Discussion of acceptable forms of sterilization vs disposable equipment

·  Disinfectants and antiseptics: proper housecleaning

·  OSHA and CDC guidelines regarding bloodborne pathogens

·  Avoiding cross-contamination

·  Technician Safety – handwashing, Hepatitis B vaccination, gloves, masks

·  Proper handling of devices, needles and pigments

·  Sanitary measures during procedure set up and clean up

Client Preparation

·  Pre- Procedure care

·  Preparing the clients skin: Marking the skin

·  Effective Anesthetic

Color and Pigment Theory

·  Understanding the Color Wheel

·  Discussion of how skin undertones and pigments work together

·  Pigment mixing and storage

Skin Anatomy

·  Discussion of skin layers

·  Healing process of skin and skin care

·  Determining undertones of warm and cool complexions


·  Appropriate needle selection and applications for various effects as hair simulation, shading, soft powdery finishes, etc.

·  Storage and disposal


·  Client follow-up

·  After-care instructions; ointment

Practice Procedures

·  Discuss facial morphology and variations in facial shapes

·  Discuss eyebrow designs; practice

·  Proper eye stretching techniques for safe application

·  Work on practice pads

·  Watch demo prior to student application on live models

·  Students will perform on 2 models (students should provide model however, if you cannot we will provide you models but you must let us know if you need a model).


·  Basic business and marketing guidelines

·  Insurance/liability

·  Client expectations

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