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Teaching advanced fundamentals while maintaining a basic fundamental approach.

Image by Rafaella Mendes Diniz

"During and After being a Laveda Student, you have Life-time Professional Guidance from the CEO to help you reach your dreams”

- Lucy Murrell, Owner Laveda Beauty Academy

Our Mission at Laveda Beauty Academy School is to promote excellence through effective educators, a diversified curriculum, strategic industry business training, the highest quality products and a hands-on learning approach. Laveda Beauty Academy School’s focus is to empower all of our students to develop integrity, creativity, leadership, the knowledge to attain success in all future endeavors. At Laveda Beauty Academy School, we create graduates who have the desire and capacity to contribute to the enhancement of the cosmetology industry we love.

our school

With a focus on educating through a diversified curriculum and a unique approach, Laveda Beauty Academy School is truly separated from the rest. We not only educate on a specific speciality of your chosen, but also apply the business acumen needed to excel at your craft, manage your clientele business and/or run your own Salon.

Here at Laveda Beauty Academy School is not just your first step to another job, but it is an opportunity for a career. We focus on giving you the tools to learn, engage and immerse yourself in an experience that promotes an atmosphere fully preparing you for the world of Cosmetology.

Whether that is as a Stylist, Esthetician, Barber, or Business Owner, the choice is yours. We not only know the industry, but we live the industry. We are not only educators, but salon owners. We are not only a school, but a family.


Laveda Beauty Academy School programs are designed to give our students the best background and experience to meet the needs of a demanding profession in cosmetology. Thanks to our intensive theory, skill development and business development courses, our students graduate better prepared for life in the industry than many of today’s working professionals.

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